The Focus Frequency: Neurocure Brain Performance Centers

When you lose focus, sometimes it feels like everything falls apart with it. You can stare at a screen for 14 hours and not get anything done and what may look to like zoning out or laziness – the complete opposite of hyper activity – most may not realize could be a symptom of ADHD. On the outside, it may not look as though that person can’t function properly in their daily activities because of racing and intruding thoughts. For this person, focus isn’t only hard to control… But doesn’t feel like it’s even there to begin with. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

There are many misconceptions about most mental illnesses or disorders, based on symptoms alone. A way to minimize a misdiagnosis, Neurocure use will give you or your loved one a diagnosis off of the frequencies and habits of your brain waves alone. From there, they are able to create a program to align these frequencies back to a healthy level, by training your brain.

Essentially, when you react to something – your brain reacts. Each session at Neurocure measures your brains reaction in time with the session, and you can watch your progress as you go through the program. After you receive your initial assessment, Neurocure Brain Performance Centers will then create your program specialized for you.


There are so many common misconceptions about ADHD, and most stem from the fact that, what we’re fed day in and day, out are images on children bouncing off the walls. In reality, it is so much more than that. In some cases, it can certainly reveal itself that way but small children are not the only people who can suffer from ADHD.

It is completely normal for those who deal with ADHD as children to deal with it into adulthood. While some remain on medication, and some learn to manage it, there are often many who use tools that are available at their disposal to create life they can for themselves. Read more at about Neurocore.

Jeremy Goldstein Advices the Best Way to Take EPS into Compensation Structuring

Earnings per Share, simply called as EPS, is a parameter used by many companies in the performance of the executives and their compensation structuring. Though a significant number of companies are using the option, a majority of people are concerned or confused about the effectiveness of EPS as a metrics. The list includes a large number of experts who are on the compensation committees and advisory groups as well. This is where Jeremy Goldstein, an authority in executive compensation structuring, explains about EPS, different thoughts on it, and his views on including it in the performance parameters of the executives.



According to him, EPS should be treated as a positive thing. While coming to the shareholders, it becomes one of the best choices to influence the stock price as it helps them to trade their shares in the stock market. While coming to employee point of view, it gives companies to offer a better payout per employee considering the performance of EPS. A number of studies showcased that adding EPS into the pay structure helped companies to be more successful. Though it looked advantageous to every stakeholder of a company, Jeremy Goldstein says that its competitive nature including trading leaves the organizations to take undue advantage.



Many critics of EPS scheme think that it can create favoritism as well as a blind-following to the CEOs of companies. Compared to collective roles, such schemes provide greater power for executives, and that helps them to alter the results for their favor – which is creating blows to shareholders. Some others argue that such mechanisms are only targeting short-term profitability, and not creating anything valuable in the long term. Jeremy Goldstein advises people to take a compromised stand on EPS. He asks people to adopt EPS, but it should be making the executives responsible for their deeds. The pay per performance should be ensuring long-term goals of the company.



Jeremy Goldstein has more than 17 years of expertise in executive compensation structuring. He was part of the compensation committees of a number of companies such as BoA, Verizon, NYSE Group, Goldman Sachs, and more. Goldstein was also involved in a number of acquisition transactions of reputed corporations.



Jeremy Goldstein began his career with Shearman & Sterling LLP as a Law Associate after earning Law graduation from School of Law – New York University. Later, he collaborated with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz as its partner before founding his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.



For more information, connect with Jeremy Goldstein on LinkedIn.


The Rapid Development Of A.I. Automation

You’d be very lucky to find automation technology like ours that can learn about your business and then automate changes that adjust to your brand. There’s a competitive world competing for business online, so something you do has to stand out and excel you ahead of the rest. You can gain large strides by leveraging technology and the advances our agency has made.

We are rapidly expanding the potentials of marketing technology and are using A.I. features. The frontier of online development is grounded in learning capacity. You have little competitive advantage if your technology only does the task you set it to. Sentient A.I. instead uses an algorithm that allows our technology to learn.

Going Beyond The Standards Of The Web

When your business makes an impact in its market, our technology will also adjust accordingly. The online marketing process takes into account a number of steps that require in-depth analysis and data collection. Every bit of information is therefore priceless. Information about the effectiveness of your campaigns can lead you to improve and increase performance.

Now imagine if you didn’t have to do the calculations for the improvements. Imagine if the technology you had could take these steps for you. This is the true meaning of A.I. technology that our agency has become well-known for. The advances of technology create endless potentials, and we’re determined that you take advantage of them all.

Using Intelligence To Operate Your Business

Just don’t ignore the human factor when considering what you can accomplish with technology. The advances we’ve created for you help you to bridge a gap in technology, but you must be able to walk over that bridge. The security you have is in knowing that you can walk along with the help of technology that’s almost as smart as you are.

The human brain is an intricate science and what we’ve used to model the performance of our technology. The end result is an expanding name that’s revolutionizing how marketing works online and how computers can learn from the data received in the process. You’ll receive an endless stream of information as a business, and our technology will help you put it to use. Read more about Sentient at

Jeremy Goldstein Is Helping Employees Have Access To Shares In Stock Options

Jeremy Goldstein is helping major corporations decide whether or not they should offer shares to their employees. By taking a look at the various areas of compensation that an employer can offer to their employees, you will notice the changes in how the employees are paid. The one thing about stock options is that it will provide the employees with something that is equivalent to their wages.


The other thing to consider when you are opting to decide whether or not an employee should have access to shares is to know that the only time that the employee will receive a boost in pay is if the value of their shares increases. In this case, the employees might find themselves a little more encouraged to satisfy the needs and expectations of their customers and clients if they are offered a higher pay or higher compensation.


If a corporation or firm wants to still offer the option to their employees, the one thing that they might decide on doing is the “knockout” option. For this specific form of stock option, the employee will receive the same amount of time limits as they would any other time however in the case of the stocks dropping below a certain point, the shares will drop for a specific amount of time.


When an employee takes the option to have stock options, they will have a the option to take the term for the stocks. They will have the option to purchase the stock at a low price. A perfect example would be someone who purchases their stock for $150 and if the stocks drop down to less than half, the “knockout” would kick in and the shares would expire. In the event that a share drops down for only a few short hours, the shares would not be canceled. The shares however could be canceled if the shares stay dropped down for a period of a week or longer. Learn more:

Many Ways Securus Technologies Makes Lives Safer

Securus Technologies is the nation’s leading provider of technology solutions for criminal and civil justice. On an average weekly basis the tech company will develop one new product or service towards helping law enforcement and correctional facilities prevent and solve crimes, including inmate-on-inmate crimes. Securus Technologies received thousands of emails and letters from their customers in regards to what they offer. I’ll share some of the comments published to show the many interesting ways that their tech solutions can help keep law enforcement officers, inmates, families and correctional facility staff workers much more safe.


A correctional worker commented that their workplace have been using Securus for over a decade, they now solely rely on it as it “revolutionizes the incarceration environment and help us to improve public safety in our jurisdiction.” One officer explained how they were able to listen in on an inmate to inmate call and overheard a mother tell her children exactly what to say about a recent shooting once questioned. Another officer was very pleased with Securus’s covert alert feature and was successfully able to take a suspect into custody during an ongoing investigation. Many customers have shared how they could monitor their inmates and prevent drugs, alcohol, banned devices from being distributed, sold or used from within their facilities.


Securus Technologies, Inc. is a private technology solutions company founded in 1986. They have over 30 years of experience providing correctional facilities everywhere with superior products and services. The company has their headquarters based in Dallas, Texas and has regional offices located in Atlanta, GA and Carrollton and Allen, TX.


Some of the products and services provided are inmate self-services, monitoring products, emergency response and investigation tools. To this date, Securus Technologies has served over 3,450 corrections agencies, law enforcement and public safety agencies and more than 1,200,000 inmates all across the United States.


Why Choose Sussex Health Care

Sussex Health Care is a reputable care provider which has been in business for more than thirty years. During this period, Sussex Health Care has cared for over thirty thousand people for different types of needs. The facility currently has a capacity of over 580 beds. In 2002, Sussex Health Care Home received accreditation from the HQS (Health Quality Service). In 2003, it obtained the Investors in People standard and in 2005, the home was ISO certified, making Sussex Health Care UK’s only independent home care provider to have achieved double accreditation.

Sussex Health Care is not just a home. All its facilities have a comprehensive program which incorporates activities which motivate, stimulate and encourage their clients to maximize their potential. Activities are not chosen randomly. They are matched to specific individuals in line with their interests and abilities. Individuals are able to recall their old interests and skills and learn new ones at the same time.

Sussex Health Care’s aim is to be the best home care provider in all of Sussex area. The home’s management is highly competent and experienced and works tirelessly to ensure that care provided fits every client’s needs. Picking the right home for the elderly is crucial thus Sussex Health Care is dedicated to ensuring that it provides a comfortable and safe environment for every client so as to help them utilize the intellectual, physical, social and emotional capacity.

Sussex Health Care currently has twenty homes, all located in Sussex. They offer care for the elderly, including those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia. They also offer care to adults who have learning or physical difficulties, for example, those with neurological disabilities. Specialized nursing care is offered 24 hours a day by highly qualified and dedicated staff. Most of the homes are designed to provide a peaceful and homely setting and, at the same time, are compatible with the latest technology. A healthy meal is vital for the well-being of an individual and Sussex Health Care ensures that the meals provided are healthy and well prepared.

On request, Sussex Health Care provides, among other types of therapy, occupational therapy, reflexology, and physiotherapy. For people with physical or learning disabilities, facilities such as multi-sensory rooms, track hoisting and spa pools are available.

Since Sussex Health Care was started, their philosophy has been constant, to provide the highest standards of emotional, physical, social and spiritual care that is suitable for every individual’s needs.

For more information about Sussex Healthcare, just visit

Scott Rocklage’s Successful Career in Healthcare Management

Scott Rocklage has had a very fruitful career in the healthcare management industry with over 30 years’ experience in the field. He currently works at 5AM Ventures as a managing partner. He joined the venture capital firm in 2003 and became managing partner in 2004. The company focuses on early stage business in the life sciences field.


Career background


Prior to joining 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage worked with several other companies in the healthcare industry. He served as CEO of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals shortly in 2016. He also served as president and CEO of Amersham Health. Some of the other companies he worked with include Ilypsa Inc., Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc., NycomedSalutar, Nycomed Interventional, Inc., Miikana Therapeutics Inc. and Achaogen among others. He held various leadership positions in all these companies, and has proven his great leadership skills over the years. Besides his position at 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage also chairs the boards of Novira Therapeutics, Inc. and Cidara Therapeutics. He also serves on the boards of a number of pharmaceutical companies including the Whitehead Institute and Nouscom AG.


Over the course of his career, Scott Rocklage has learnt the value of teamwork and delegation. As a leader, he understands that he cannot do everything on his own, and understands the importance of choosing a good team that he can trust to do what they are supposed to do. While he has had a few disappointments from some of his team members, he has learnt to let go and not dwell on their failures. Scott is excited about the huge breakthroughs in cancer research, which will facilitate the development of new cancer drugs and other treatment therapies.He is a risk taker but he only takes measured risks, and this is what has made him so successful as an entrepreneur. This is definitely something other entrepreneurs can learn from him.




Scott Rocklage wears many hats yet he still does an excellent job in all his positions. That takes a high level of discipline and commitment that not many people possess.He has faced a few challenges along the way, but has learnt from them and come out stronger and better. He is passionate about his work, and this zeal is what keeps him grounded and focused on his goals.


Connect with Scott Rocklage on LinkedIn for more details.

The Positive Progress of PodcastOne under Norman Pattiz

Since June 23, 2016, Norman Pattiz has been the PodcastOne’s Chief Executive Officer and still the Executive Chairman of the same company. Before moving to PodcastOne Norman served a consultant for the Westwood One Inc, an organization he founded in 1974. Since its launching, he worked as the Chief Executive Officer of the company until 1994 where changed his role to be the company’s consultant. Apart from PodcastOne and Westwood One Inc, Norman founded and served in many other businesses which under his leadership made immerse progress to achieve their goals. His launching of these companies has been motivated by the desire to solve problems in the society and still exploit available opportunities. For example in 2010, Norman recognized a demand in the audio industry. It prompted him to found the PodcastOne industry in 2012. Out the need to provide and disseminate quality programming, Norman founded the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010.

Under his leadership, PodcastOne quickly became the number one distributor of audio-on-demand programming. Currently, PodcastOne has several brands and personalities which include Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, Heather Dubrow and many others. Due to his excellent work, Norman was appointed and later re-appointed by President Clinton and President in the 2000 and 2002 respectively to work in the United States board of governors of broadcasting. The board supervises every non-military broadcasting service of United States that includes Radio Free Europe, Voice of Power, Radio Liberty and many others.

Recently Norman and his counterpart Tom Webster, the Edison Research vice president announced the outcomes of continuous, comprehensive research studies of advertising tests. These tests got accompanied by five number one national client brands throughout five different services and products. These first studies of before and after the advertising the podcast’s brand lift for promoters got done for six months in 2016. The results revealed a substantial positive influence on the podcast promotion on the brand cell, desire to buy and remembrance of particular messaging. Learn more:

These were the results; more than 60% of the audience acknowledged a precise grocery brand after the campaigns. It was an increase from 7% among the audience before the study. Secondly, there was an increase in the awareness of the product without any assistance before the survey was done to alter the research was done by 47% for products of financial services, for automobile aftermarket product increased by 37% and by 24% for products of garden and lawn. Learn more:

Three particular kinds of research were done by Edison Research for PodcastOne to know the effectiveness of Podcast marketing campaign for five countrywide brands. Some of the names were already known while the less popular brands were working to increase their awareness. From the research, it revealed that audiences were welcoming to the brand message and they expressed an improved desire to buy those brands.


Securus Technologies Stays Ahead Of The Competition

Securus Technologies is at the forefront of tech used in correctional facilities. They are also committed to improving the tech in these facilities for the long term and to increase safety for all those involved. Securus provides high-end services to both the criminal justice and civil sectors, making them a leader in this day and age.


Customers have raved about their experience with Securus.


Many individuals praise the high level of customer service and how dedicated employees are at Securus Technologies. Some correctional facilities have noted that they have been using Securus tech for over a decade or more and will continue to use it, due to its quality and reliability. People have also praised Securus’ tablets and Location Based Services. Some have also praised the improvement of safety for correctional facility employees, due to being able to better monitor the inmates.


With an overwhelming amount of support and praise from their clients, it is without a doubt that Securus is dedicated to providing the best tech that they can.


The current CEO of Securus is Richard Smith.


Securus is based out of Dallas, Texas and was originally founded in 1986 by Richard Falcone. Securus provides tech to thousands of law enforcement and prisons in North America and maintains a quality reputation.


The Osteo Relief Institute Helps Patient’s Manage Pain

Osteoarthritis (‘OA’) can appear in people of all ages, but it is more commonly experienced by senior citizens. OA risk factors include weak muscles, reoccurrence of a previous joint problem, obesity, family history, and age. Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease of which there is no cure.


Treatments are available to help manage some symptoms. Management of OA involves improving mobility and flexibility, managing the symptoms of pain, swelling and stiffness, exercise, and keeping a healthy weight.


Even though exercise is the last thing you want to do when you are in pain, Orthopedic specialist says that exercise is a beneficial manager of pain and flexibility (HealthGrades). Simple activities like walking, light swimming, or an easy yoga class goes a long way in reducing pain, improve stamina and energy levels, while also keeping your weight down.


A daily routine involves:


  • Perform gentle exercises and stretching before bed for flexibility.
  • Don’t stand and sit for prolonged periods. Walk around at least every half hour or so.
  • Avoid repetitive movements.
  • Manage your weight and quit smoking.
  • Perform activities, a little bit at a time each day.


Exercise Tips:


  • Plan to move a little every day.
  • Perform light exercises gradually performing strength training.
  • Include low-impact aerobic exercises.
  • Avoid activities that cause pounding on your joints or stressful repetitive motions.



Treating osteoarthritis should never be a DIY treatment plan. A qualified orthopedic specialist from the Osteo Relief Institute of Wall Township in the Shore Region of South Jersey can provide medical care and self-management tools. Osteo Relief Institute doctors can show you how to live a quality, pain-free life for many years.


An Osteo Relief Institute specialist can offer different treatment options. An Osteo Relief Institute doctor can prescribe the safest medications to take without any side effects, i.e., NSAIDs, topical analgesics, acetaminophen and other medical solutions.


A physical therapist can outline the right resources to enable you to move and manage your body to minimize pain and increase mobility. Some Osteo Relief Institute patient’s may need surgery with options that include minimally invasive joint repair, fusions, and joint replacements.

More about Osteo Relief Institue at