Sawyer Howitt Racquetball Player

The beauty of sports is that some of the greatest talents are right under your nose. It is truly a treat to be able to watch someone on the rise, so that you can say that you saw them in their early stages. Sawyer Howitt is a racquetball player who is at the very early stages of his career and he is doing his best to compete and get better on a regular basis. He attends Lincoln High School and plays for The Racquetball Club of Portland. This team has a long standing tradition and has been in operation for years. Portland is a hotbed of talent and enthusiasm for the game of racquetball, and Sawyer Howitt plans to continuously make a name for himself.

He is the son of David Howitt, who happens to be the founder of the Meriwether Group, which is a wildly successful company. When it comes to his on the court progress, Sawyer Howitt is continuously making a name for himself, which is why he is going into the 2017 season with such high expectations and hopes. This is the case because the past few years, he has had some standout matches against the best competition in the state. This has allowed him to elevate his game to new heights. Without a doubt, he plans to take his racquetball skills to the next level, so this season should prove as a building ground for this potential.

Stay tuned to the career of Sawyer Howitt, because it is only getting brighter.

Tammy Mazzocco, Helping People Buy Their Perfect Home Since 1995

Tammy Mazzocco is a REMax One real estate agent, who has been at the top of the realty game in Ohio since 1995. She began her career as a secretary in the 90s and worked her way up. Before becoming the manager at Scotland Yard Apartments, she worked on a team of nine agents led by Mike Zelnik. She then became the personal assistant to Joe Armeni, a RE/MAX producer. Here Tammy Mazzocco picked up on all the tips and tricks she would need to become a success.

When asked about what inspired her to become a real estate agent, Tammy Mazzocco explained that it wasn’t something she had been pursuing. The idea came to her when a manager she worked with motivated her to get her license. As to how she makes money, she insists it more about being productive and healthy. She says she gets a percentage of the profit made when interested customers buy beautiful homes. Thanks to her mentors she says it didn’t take long for her to become profitable. Social media plays a large part of marketing since that is where the clients are looking. Her most satisfying moments come when she gets to tell a client their bid is accepted. Watching out for her customer’s best interest and hard work are what she feels has made her a success. She works hard to earn her clients’ trust, which she feels is important. She has been inspired by Dr. Phil’s book ‘Life Strategies’. She especially likes his 10 life points, and how he explains and illustrates them. More details can be found on Inspirery.

Tammy Mazzocco sells residential real estate in Franklin, Licking, Delaware, and Fairfield counties in Ohio. She joined the team at Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington, Ohio in 2000. She makes use of social media to list homes that are for sale. You can also find memes that deal with real estate that she posts. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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How Securus Technologies Helped Nab a Suspected Murder Victim

I am assigned to a task force that is responsible for catching suspects who have either jumped bail or escaped from prison. This year we had a very serious problem on our hands when a suspected killer made bail and skipped town. We had a team on the case quickly, but we feared this suspect was long gone by the time we got our first lead.


One of the things we know in law enforcement is that these suspects can not get far without help. They need money, food, and transportation, and either they will get help or they are going to leave a trail we can follow. I suspected that this person was coming back to the area because he had a very close connection with his parents who were not willing to help us.


Around this time, I was called to the local jail to undergo some training on a new system that Securus Technologies had just installed. This communication system had a covert alert feature that was the missing piece of the puzzle that we needed. Luckily, around this time we got a lead the suspect was leaving Mexico and coming back to the area. We had a day to get the plan in place.


With the help of the covert alert feature, we were alerted the suspect and his family were communicating and meeting at a hotel room on the other side of town. We knew this suspect was extremely dangerous and would have no trouble hurting others, so we were able to secure the hotel and stage a scene that caught the suspect off-guard.


When we told the guests they needed to evacuate because of a fire, thanks to the covert alert feature, we took the suspect in without any incident and he is serving his life sentence today.


The “Do Good Institute” Shows Community Leadership Cannot Be Learned Online

When Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen made the decision to fund the “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland the aim was to help develop the next generation of not for profit leaders who would aid the local community in Maryland in completing even more aspects of community involvement. Bruce Levenson has seen such a high level of success achieved at the “Do Good Institute” he is now looking to extend the reach of the programs offered on campus as he feels this is the best way of learning about philanthropy.

In an interview ( about his fundraising and leadership role at the “Do Good Institute”, Bruce Levenson explained the idea behind the institute does not lend itself to Online learning possibilities; instead, Levenson is looking to establish a not for profit community that will bring together from every area of the University of Maryland campus. Despite his understanding of the Online learning environment, Bruce Levenson believes the chance to take part in not for profit giving and philanthropic programs is best experienced in person. Levenson points to the Philanthropy 101 program where the decisions made about providing funding for groups involves choosing how $10,000 will be provided for philanthropic groups as part of a class that has grown in popularity and made the “Do Good Institute” a success on the campus of an educational institution.

Bruce Levenson is best known to the people of the world as the UCG chairman and former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, an NBA franchise that allowed Levenson to show his skills as a business expert and philanthropist. According to, success came to the Hawks on the court during his ownership period that lasted from 2004 to 2015, and included many major philanthropic programs that included Levenson’s participation in the I Have a Dream Foundation and the Community Foundation of Washington D.C.

Samuel Strauch Investing and Living With Purpose

The real estate business is getting more competitive than ever before. A lot of people are excited about the changes that are coming to the industry. Not only that, but a lot of investors are staring to look at places like Miami to start investing heavily. With all of the changes that have started to take place in this area of the country, the real estate market is hotter than ever before. Samuel Strauch has a proven track record of success in this area, and he is ready and willing to take things to the next level in his life. If you want to build wealth over time, Samuel Strauch is the person to go to.

Samuel Strauch

From the time he was young, Samuel Strauch has always wanted to help other people as much as possible. He has a passion in life to help people live with purpose in a variety of areas. Not only that, but he is excited about some of the other changes that are going on as well.

With all of the changes that are coming to real estate, investors need to be prepared for the future in a number of ways. Not only that, but investors can start taking their life to a new level by making the right choices. How would you like to buy an investment property that throws off passive income in a number of ways? This is a strategy that Samuel Strauch has used for many years, and he is seeing the financial benefits from it. Over time, he has proven to truly care about the lives of the people in his area.

View Samuel Strauch’s YouTube Channel for the latest information.

Real estate is not an easy business to learn about, but you can build a great living and life in this area over time if you are patient. There are many people who are ready to take their life to the next level through this strategy.

Source: presents innovative ways to Improve Health through Weight Loss


Despite being an expensive industry, weight loss is every person’s health concern. Everyone has the concern to feel better and improve health through weight loss. Most recently, social media has been buzzing about the best chance to attain weight loss through its full body cleanse. presents the unique products that enable individuals to achieve the variety of personal health goals. Dherbs has also introduced new methods to improve energy, health and attain weight loss as well. There are always unique items for both women and men.


Patients with weak immune systems can take advantage of the available anti-viral immunity supplement boosters that help to defend the body against virus infections. Full body cleanses accompanied with daily diets of vegetables, raw seeds and fresh fruits are the answer. Dherbs Inc also provides products that help improve fertility, hormonal balance, and colon cleansing.


Not only is the company concerned with personal health, but also assist with the external health look. As such, also offers the diverse range of personal care products. The company also presents beauty and hygiene products like therapeutic oils, facial skin kits, and lip balm.It offers products meant to revitalize and improve the healthiness from inside the body.


Sheryl Underwood is one of the beneficiaries in the company. Everyone knows about her experience with Dherbs and how the company helped her lose weight and keep fit. The Full Body Cleanse celebrity recently shared her experience and how she was able to achieve weight loss through the Dherbs online cleanses service.


On the radio talk show, Sheryl Underwood revealed her weight loss journey and was certain to point out Dherbs efficient weight loss products. According to Sheryl, Full Body Cleanse is most useful when used together with an exercise routine. She was able to achieve weight on a little three-week schedule. She said that the right thing with Dherbs is that the products are made from natural resources and don’t have side effects.

Wen by Chaz- What Makes Their Hair Products The Best Around

Chaz Dean is a name that most people know simply because they watch a number of television commercials that feature his hair care line. The Wen by Chaz Dean hair care products are made available to everyday people instead of saloon owners or beauticians.

If you want something that is going to make your hair shine, make it look healthier than it has in years or simply want to try something new, the Wen by Chaz hair conditioners are something that you have got to give a try. There is nothing that compares to the results that you will get from the Wen hair care products.

There is a reason that celebrities use the Wen hair care line items and that is because they know good taste when they see it. They know that in order to have beautiful hair, they want to purchase something that not only works on the moments they really need it but that works all the time. With the conditioners, you can bet that they have beautiful hair all the time. Do you want to have the same results all the time? If so, check out the Wen by Chaz hair care products.

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Chaz Dean started out working with developing a hair care product that would help someone have healthier hair that is not only healthier but that is washed with something that is not going to leave any residue behind. You might have some problem with left over residue if you are using the wrong shampoo or if you are using something that has harsh chemicals in it.

If you are using something that has harsh chemicals in it, you will want to find something like the Wen hair care products which has no harsh chemicals in it at all. All the ingredients that are in the Wen hair line products are completely natural and are good for your hair. There is nothing better that you could purchase for your hair regimen.

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Lori Senecal has served in the capacity of Global Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky since March 9 2015. Prior to this role she served as the chief executive officer at MDC partner’s network and as the president of the same network. Despite her new role she is still the president of MDC partners’ network, reveals Ad Week as she did not resign from her position. Before joining MDC partner she was a partner, chief executive officer and president of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. She has expertise and extensive experiencing in steering the growth of institutions for instance; she pioneered new approaches and strategies at MC Cann world group. According to, she led to the growth of the institution through her approaches.

Her experience is exceptional which has made her a great asset to the various noble organizations she has become part of in her career such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Weight Watchers and Sprint among others. Due to her expertise she has received honorary awards in regard to her professional achievements such as the AWNY game changer awards. During these awards she scooped the award in the category of leadership and innovation. In addition to the above, for the past two years she has acted as the one of the panel judges in the Isaac awards.

At Crispin Porter and Bogusky she is tasked with overseeing the growth of the organization. It entails managing and coordinating of the eight international offices. She is also responsible for the expansion and development of the organization. She is a management specialist who has embraced technology and innovation in her day to day management strategies. The organization is proud to have her on board in addition to the rest of the members due to her professional achievements and expertise in leadership.

Senecal has showed potential and achieved business milestones in the course of her career through developing strategic partnerships and creating competitive new business divisions. she has also led blue chip companies worldwide towards their growth thanks to her competence. In her previous position as the head of KBS she led the company towards massive growth from being an agency of 250 persons to an agency of 900 plus domestic agency. She has specialized in the creation of organizations centered on technology, innovation as well as boosting of the start-up ventures in organizations. She is delighted to be a part of a noble organization and she expressed this by saying that she was looking forward to be a significant part in the growth of the organization and having to work with talented people.

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The Marketing Methods Of Fabletics

Fashion is a really big industry. Therefore, in order for a business to succeed in this industry, it has to have a unique set of methods for marketing. The method for marketing has to be influenced by the method of sales. For instance, Fabletics is a primarily online company. Therefore, one of the best and most sensible ways to make the sales is to use the different online channels for marketing. One of the easiest ways to market a company is to use social media. There are many platforms that are available for marketers to use. The trick is to know how to make it work the most in one’s favor.


One thing that is important for a company to do when it comes to social media is figure out which media works the best for it. While many companies have multiple social media accounts, some marketers may have an easier time with one over the others. Also, some social media platforms are designed for certain industries and activities. Therefore, it is important for one to figure out which one works the best for the company. One of the best ways for one to find a good marketing source is to find one with the most activity.


Fabletics is good for using social media for marketing. It has made a huge effort in order to connect with people. Therefore, they have gained a lot of loyal customers who have signed up for their membership. They have also shown a lot of promotions to members. For one thing, people have come to enjoy all of the savings that they could get from the items that they buy. Another thing is that they are always made aware of the new items that are being sold at the site and in some cases at the nearby store.


One thing about Fabletics is that they are always adding new items. These new items have a lot of thought and creativity put into the design, color, and other aspects of their products. Users can get a preview of the items that they are going to look at. However, it is the members that get to look at all of the different products and savings that Fabletics has to offer. Given that Fabletics is a really accessible site, one can rest assured that she is going to get high quality products while saving money and improving feelings about herself. How Steve Harvey Lost 12lbs on the Full Body Cleanse Program is a company which has introduced many beneficial health supplements into the weight loss market. The company is also home to some of the most resourceful content on herbal supplements. Many people would like to reclaim their health through cleansing products and raw food recipes.

On 6th February, 2017, the CEO and founder of Dherbs, Inc., A.D. Dolphin appeared on the Steve Harvey Show to show the world how easy it is using the weight loss products by the company. He is one of the believers in losing weight the healthy way.



On the show, Dolphin talked about the Full Body Cleanse which helped Steve Harvey lose about 12 lbs. Steve Harvey had previously started on the journey to lose weight but this time, he had the pro himself helping him. The Full Body Cleanse helped him change his lifestyle by eating healthier.



What is the Full Body Cleanse?



If you have been keeping up with new herbal supplements being introduced into the weight loss market, you probably know the Full Body Cleanse. It has been designed for those people who are looking for ways of starting a new life by getting rid of the toxins in their body. This is usually the first step towards a proper weight loss program.



The program comprises tips and diet suggestions which can help you turn your life around. One of the highlights of the program is eating raw foods. This not only includes healthy smoothies and salads but also nuts and seeds. Studies have shown that eating some raw foods could be beneficial for someone who is looking to shed a few pounds and detox.



When the company was founded in 2004, it was the intention of the CEO to give to the world a range of products that would revolutionize weight loss. There are so many ways of losing weight but half of them could be unsafe or unhealthy. Instead of using pills filled with chemicals, try adopting a healthy diet made of natural foods. With the recipes on the Dherbs, Inc. website, you can get ideas on how to incorporate these in your diet.